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I am 

UX Designer / Operations Advisor / Coordinator

Designer of human and user-centred digital systems, processes, experiences, products and services


Using GPS and mobile device location technology, SafelySee is a location sharing app designed for parents to track their children’s location at all times.

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A collaborative design sprint with multi-disciplinary tech team comprised of other students from different programs (Data Science and Web Development) to create a digital solution for

Industry Project / Hackathon


My interest in UX design largely started as a hobby but it has quickly turned into my passion. For the past 15 years, I have been a civil servant working for a provincial government in Canada.  My focus has been on operational and administrative coordination.  

This experience has taught me that even minor adjustments in processes can make a big impact in day to day operations. Merging passion, experience, and understanding of user-centred design, I aim to create effective and efficient systems, processes and experience for users and design human-centred products and services.  

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